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, I am Aviral Vardiya

I am a self taught full stack web developer

I love collaborating with fellow developers to build amazing projects that can positively impact people's lives. If you feel the same, feel free to contact me. If you wish to hire me, get in touch. Also, I am mechanical engineer by qualification.

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I'm a Mechanical Engineering graduate from National Institute of Technology Silchar with a fervent desire to make a career shift into the tech industry as a Full Stack Web Developer. I've been on a transformative journey, learning and building, all while maintaining my current role as a plant maintenance manager.

While continuing my work as a Mechanical Engineer, my passion for programming has taken center stage. I've dedicated my spare time to mastering technologies like React, Next.js, TailwindCSS, Recoil, Redux, Node, Express, PostgreSQL, Prisma, MongoDB, Mongoose, and more. I've also developed a portfolio of projects that showcase my skills and demonstrate my commitment to this new path. Now, I'm actively seeking opportunities in the tech industry, aiming to leverage my problem-solving abilities and coding expertise in a professional setting.

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Skills and Technologies

"Skills are the currency of the 21st century." - Robert Kiyosaki

Frontend Skills

React Router Dom
React Hooks Form
Tailwind CSS

On the frontend, I am proficient with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript as core foundations. I make use of React and Next.js to build dynamic web apps with popular state management tools like Recoil and Redux. I prefer Tailwind CSS to give apps a modern look. Additionally, I leverage React Router DOM for client-side routing, react-hooks-form for efficient form submissions, and Axios for making asynchronous requests.


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WalletApp - Money transfer app

A money transfer app written in TypeScript, built with Next.js, Tailwind CSS, PostgreSQL, and Prisma. The project is maintained as a monorepo using Turborepo, containerized with Docker, and deployed on an AWS EC2 machine through a CI/CD pipeline using GitHub Actions.

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BlogApp - Blogging platform

A blogging platform written in TypeScript using React, Tailwind CSS, Recoil, Hono, Prisma, and PostgreSQL. Deployed on Cloudflare Workers with connection pooling via Prisma Accelerate and a custom npm package for shared types.

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Dukaan - Ecommerce app

A comprehensive e-commerce application with React for the front end and Express.js for the back end with passport and jwt authentication. It offers product management, order processing, user profile management.

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LinkedIn clone

A LinkedIn-inspired web app showcasing design, reusable components, and Firebase-powered authentication and database management. Users can sign up, log in, and post on a timeline.

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Note It Down

A simple note-taking app built with React and Firebase for user authentication and CRUD operations on notes. Helps users manage daily tasks and reminders.

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Tik Tac Toe

A basic game built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to learn fundamental web development concepts such as HTML tags, CSS selectors, the Document Object Model, and event handling.

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Portfolio website

A modern portfolio website crafted with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It incorporates libraries like AOS, Mixitup, and SweetAlert 2 for animations, filtering, and modals. It features dark and light themes and uses CSS variables for design consistency.

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